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Terratest's Cone Penetrometer

Testing (CPT)

Terratest operates a suite of geotechnical and geo/enviro services including high quality and cost effective Cone Pentetrometer Testing (CPTu).

Utilising reliable and accurate Swedish manufactured AB Geotech CPT Nova system, Terratest is able to offer the standard CPT parameters of Tip Resistance, Sleeve Friction, Pore Pressure (u2) and Cone inclination.

Data is recorded via a digital interface unit and viewed in real time by the operator who can monitor loads and cone tilt along with pausing the operation for dissipation tests as required.

The CPT is operated from a tracked Geoprobe platform with the use of adjustable ground anchor augers and a foot bridge at the base of the rig. This method enables access to soft, difficult and remote locations with only 6psi ground pressure at four tonne mass, but with an anchored reaction force of 200kN.

Operating CPT from a Geoprobe has the added security of being able to pre drill problematic conditions that stand alone CPT units can struggle with. The Geoprobe can advance casing through overburden or gravel layers along with all standard drilling methods such as continuous push tube and dual tube sampling, undisturbed and SPT sampling, solid and hollow auger, mud drilling and air drilling. A variety of piezometers can also be installed as required with ease.

This unit can be deployed standalone wherever it is required or as a valuable component of larger investigation projects in conjunction with and supported by Terratest’s comprehensive fleet of rigs and industry experience.

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Want to know more? Download the brochure below.

Or reach out to our CPT manager, Marten Sweeney

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