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Environmental Drilling

Terratest is a leading provider of environmental drilling for almost any type of site or condition from difficult access and restricted headroom, to overwater projects.

  • Push Tube

  • Dual Tube

  • Solid and Hollow flight augering

  • Sonic and rotary drilling 

  • Groundwater and soil vapor monitoring

Terratest is experienced in the safe application of various chemical oxidants including permanganate and persulfate through both direct push (bottom up/ top down) and through purpose built injection wells. We maintain a variety of specialist pumps, multi well manifolds, tooling and purpose built mix and batch tanks including flow rate and pressure monitoring.

Our Sonic drill capability allows Terratest to install extraction or pump and treat wells as large as 150mm in various formations. The ability to rapidly set surface casing and telescope to depth provides many advantages ensuring the well is installed as designed and to the required zone.

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