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Sonic Drilling

Sonic Drilling is a soil penetration technique that employs a high frequency Sonic head to deliver vibration waves of 150hz down the drill string to the bitface. This vibration causes liquification of the soil surrounding the casing or drill string, greatly reducing friction and permitting fast drilling speeds. This allows the Sonic to provide continuous samples to depths of more than a 100m and also makes it possible to sample overburden with near 100% recovery. 

The Operator manipulates the frequency of the sonic vibrations in response to the geology encountered, providing the best profile sampling. 

Terratest currently operate two sonic rigs across Australia, both rigs are more than capable of delivering outstanding results in:

- Geotechnical Investigations

- Environmental Assessments 

- Resource Investigations

- Geothermal Installation 

The Sonic SDC390 was the first sonic rig in Australia, download the fact sheet here:




The Comacchio 450P Sonic is a custom machine we had made. You can download that fact sheet here:


Both rigs are operated by drillers who have made names for themselves nationwide for their ability to deliver.

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