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Geotechnical Drilling

Terratest’s Geotechnical Division provides our clients with a broad fleet of rigs and crews to undertake any type of Geotechnical Site Investigation across the East Coast of Australia.


Terratest began as a Specialist Geotechnical Drilling firm and has remained at the forefront of the industry as it has grown for more than half a century. We operate a fleet of truck and track mounted rigs from our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Newcastle. We also are renowned for our specialist difficult access fleet which are born from the problematic sites we’ve encountered over the years.

  • Solid Flight Augering

  • Hollow Flight Augering

  • Diamond Coring

  • Tubex

  • Rotary Air Blast

  • Down Hole Hammer

  • Push Tube Sampling (Macrocore and Dual Tube)

  • Mud Drilling

  • Packer Testing

  • Packer Straddle Zone Testing

  • Borehole Imaging and Geophysics 

Terratest's Comacchio GEO 205