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For your water bore needs, there's only one name that offers speed, efficiency, and quality of result: Terratest.

With over 50 years experience in the field, Terratest combines innovative technology with a strong industry knowledge. Our crews are supported across the East Coast by our offices in Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne.

We drill bores for:

  • Test

  • Stock

  • Domestic

We also offer:

  • Bore Logging

  • Down Hole Camera Inspections

  • Repair & Refurbish existing bores

Our licensed drillers have more than fifteen years experience and are renowned as the best in Australia. Currently, we are licensed for:

  • New South Wales

  • Victoria

  • ACT

  • South Australia

For a quote or if you have any questions, please call:

Victoria and South Australia


0412 496 672

Sydney and Regional NSW


0412 488 953

Or, leave your details here and we'll get back to you:

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What you need to know before starting:

Terratest will carry out extensive research prior to commencing drilling to ensure we are as prepared as possible for the geology we will encounter. 


Acquire Permit from


Contact Terratest for a quote or any questions 

1300 884 198

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Drilling and Constructing the Water Bore​

The driller and offsider will set up the rig over the desired location and drill down until water is reached. The drilling methodology is determined by the geology we will encounter. Terratest will use air-driven downhole hammer when rock is encountered. In the case of deep alluvium we would utilise our Sonic Rig. In both cases, a 175mm diameter hole is common practice, although we are capable of working to your specifications.


Once we find water at an adequate flow, we construct the bore. Screen and casing is inserted to match the depth of water, with filter gravel packed around the screened section to allow maximum inflow of filtered water.

Above the screen, we install a plug and fill in the annulus. We develop the well by pushing large quantities of air and water through the well.

Bore Repairs and Down Hole Camera​

If you've got an existing bore that isn't performing like it used to, Terratest offers both down hole camera services and bore repairs. With the former, we lower a 360° camera down the hole to assess for blockages or abnormalities. For borehole repair we can either clear an existing borehole or ream the out the well and install a new one. 

Quality Assurance, Site Safety and Environmental Management​

All Terratest drillers have the state-specific waterwell qualifications required for your job, and a minimum fifteen years experience drilling. We pride ourselves on running our sites to the highest safety standard ensuring our staff get home safe, and your property is cared for to the best of our ability.

Terratest is fully insured, including $20 million Public Liability

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