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Terratest fleet expands to include another Comacchio Geo 405

Terratest Comacchio Geo 405 investigation drilling

Terratest has added another Comacchio Geo 405 to its fleet. The powerful rig has been put straight to the test working on the Mt Victoria tunnel and has proven itself more than capable of handling the challenging mountain geology.

Operated by the experienced Anthony Zummo, a Terratest veteran of 12 years, the Geo 405 is fitted out with all of Terratest's industry-leading safety features, including electronic safety cage and automatic SPT hammer.

While the tunnel project will keep the Geo 405 busy for the short term, if this is the rig you need to get your next project completed on time, safely, and on budget - and let's be honest, who doesn't? - reach out today to book us in.


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