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XC Underground in Melbourne

PROJECT: Land development, Geotechnical investigation

LOCATION: Underground Carpark, Melbourne CBD

CLIENT: Golder Associates, Melbourne


2x NMLC diamond cored holes to 31m with pressure testing. Acoustic and Optical imaging to be carried out on both boreholes.


  • Comacchio XC 100

  • XC Carriers

  • Borehole Imaging vehicle


Underground environments are always difficult to work in, however this proved no problem for the small and compact Comacchio XC 100. With a 2m headroom the XC was the perfect rig for the job. Ventilation is always a concern, requiring adequate ducting and venting of exhaust fumes. The active carpark has residents moving through continuously, placing importance on isolating the worksite from the public and making for a dynamic work environment.


Ventilation ducting was run through the carpark outside, venting all exhaust fumes emitted from the XC drill and Carriers. Portable lighting was required for the crew to operate safely, making all aspects of the operation visible to the site supervisor. The drill site was sectioned off from the public as it was still an active carpark.


The Comacchio XC finished both NMLC boreholes down to 31m, as well as facilitated the pressure testing. Concrete coring was also done by the XC making it a suitable one stop shop for these operations. The pressure testing was conducted through Terratest’s 1m AWJ rods, a necessity for these low headroom sites. Waste water disposal was also managed by Terratest. Optical and Acoustic Imaging was undertaken by Terrascan in both boreholes, producing an interpretation log of fractures and bedding orientations

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