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Trevor Higgs Retirement

We are at once delighted and saddened to announce that Trevor Higgs is retiring after 35 years of work with Terratest. His last day is tomorrow, Friday 24th of August. Trev has been a brilliant and appreciated member of the team and retires as perhaps the most experienced Geotechnical Driller in Australia. We thought we'd share some photos from the last 35 years that also show some of the history of Geotechnical Drilling in Australia.

He joined us originally as our CPT operator back in 1983 and moved across to become one of our leading Drillers. The original Drillcat from 1987 was converted from an old Antarctic snow-mobile. First photographic evidence of a hardhat in the wild of the Geotechnical Drilling Industry. The truck in this photo was an appalling ex-army 6 wheel drive that was Trev's pride and joy. Trev on a jack-up barge on Boxing Day in 1987 for the Sydney Outfall Project. The yachts in the background are part of the Sydney to Hobart from that year.

"You quickly learnt when working with Trev - if on the very rare occasion he called with rods stuck in the ground, it was pointless trying to talk him through the different ways to get them out. He'd already tried every possible method and the rods were definitely going to stay in the ground."

Graeme Hamilton. Chairman.

Trev’s retirement is our loss, but a well-deserved respite for him. We are throwing one last party for him tomorrow night before heads off to terrorise his family. The invite is open to any clients or supervisors that may have worked with him over the years. Please call me for the party details.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work alongside Trev for all these years. His service to the company and his free and easy approach to his work will be sorely missed. We wish him all the best in his well deserved retirement.

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