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Terratest Aero | UAV Services

We’re excited to announce that Terratest has established a new UAV Geospatial operation, Terratest Aero, specialising in LiDAR and Photogrammetry data acquisition for engineering projects. After working for more than 50 years obtaining underground geotechnical and environmental data, we thought we’d explore the other direction and head up into the skies.

Our fleet of drones are capable of both LiDAR and Photogrammetry modelling and they can be combined to provide both at the same time. We have full CASA ReOC and Licences.

Our outputs include Terrain and drainage models, aerial maps, asset inspection, volumetric's and construction site monitoring. If required, we can provide clients with their data on an online platform. We recommend Propeller Aero, Australia’s number one cloud-based modelling and measuring software for UAV surveys. The user can measure gradients, volumes, contours as well as differences between two models to identify erosion. You can also view a timeline of your project, making it perfect for construction industries and quality assurance. All data can be georeferenced so that GPS locations are accurate and measurements precise.

For more information about how aerial data can assist you on your next project, you can contact myself or visiting our website

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