Earthing Rods

What are Earthing Rods?

Earthing rods are used to provide a connection between the ground and infrastructure such as buildings, substations or towers. This interface is required if the building is struck by lightning and is particularly important with electrical infrastructure. As these structures have high voltages running through them a sudden surge could cause a blackout. An Earth rod is an important part of lightning protection system as it grounds any surging current.

Earthing rod options

Earth stakes are convenient if the subsoil conditions are free of rock or boulders and you can use a Driven rod system. If the earth stakes cannot be driven to the depth required, you need to contact Terratest.

Terratest's range of drill rigs

Terratest has developed a range of rigs that will fit anywhere, to any depth. These three are best suited for Earthing Rods

Our smallest rig, the Miniprobe, can fit through a standard door or gate, and drill in 2.7m headroom. Our largest rig the Comacchio 450P can drill to 150m or more. Terratest has the ability to drill at any location the Earthing Designer requires.

We have a complete range of tooling and can handle any geology, from collapsing soils, river gravel, railway ballast, stiff clays to igneous rock.

Our range of rigs is extensive with the main workhorses for earth rod work are:


Difficult access the Miniprobe is very popular as it can work in 2.7m headroom and fit through a standard door or gate.




Comacchio Geo 205
Shallow to medium depth earthing rods are handled by Comacchio Geo 205, a multipurpose budget rig.




Comacchio Geo 405
Deep earthing rods are drilled quickly using the Comacchio Geo 405 which has drilled to 150m




Installation and Grouting

Terratest field staff are experienced installers of earthing rods and grout. We can provide a Grounding Grout along with a combined mixing and pumping unit. After careful mixing using a paddle mixer the grout is pumped to the bottom of the hole using a tremie line. This bottom up filling ensures a conductive seal around the earth rod by adhering to the entire surface of the rod. By using a low resistance grout, Earthing designers are maximising the protection of utilities and telecommunication from objectionable currents and lightning.


Terratest has drill rigs available from


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