(also known as CROSS-COUNTRY)

The new XC Drill Rig is the bantamweight of the Terratest fleet. It is the smallest rig in NSW, offering access to the most remote and inaccessible areas. Its dimensions means it can fit through doorways, get into underground carparks, drill safely on footpaths and many other confined spaces. Being track mounted allows it to ascend and descend stairs and other difficult embankments, it also exerts under 0.25kg/cm2, half that of a stationary human footprint, resulting in minimal site disturbance.


Length 2100mm
Width 800mm
Weight 900kg
Height Travelling 1650mm
Height Drilling 4400mm
Short Mast 2250mm
Diesel Engine 19kw
Rotary Drive Torque 900Nm
Pullout Capacity 1000kg
Auger Speed 100rpm
Coring Speed 600rpm
Drill Stroke 1000mm
Main Winch 500kg
Water Pump Standard
Footclamps Hydraulic
Headswing Mechanical
Jacklegs 4
Safety Cage Standard
Ground Pressure 0.25kg/cm2 (3.5psi