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What is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond drilling is a technique used by drilling services and drilling contractors to drill a hole straight into the Earth’s surface for a variety of purposes, including to extract valuable core samples and minerals.

Some of the biggest benefits of diamond drilling are that the process is much more clean, precise and efficient, thus making it far more cost effective in comparison to other forms of drilling. There’s less noise, less debris and dust as the drill punctures into the target site. The desired size and the depth of the hole being dug up can be calibrated with a diamond drilling machine.

In most cases, drilling contractors will use diamond drilling to ensure that a site is worth mining. However, this is isn’t limited to core extraction. Drilling services may also encompass using diamond drilling to create tunnels for a plumbing, electric, Wi-Fi, telephone network or large construction work like tunneling underground to create a subway system. Diamond drilling can be quite useful to archeologists looking to dig underground in order to extract artifacts covered by centuries of sediment without actually damaging the priceless relic.

A diamond drill consists of a motorized power source which essentially drives the drill. The drill rod actually extracts a piece or several pieces of core samples when the diamond bit breaks into the Earth. So why use diamonds and not some other form of steel for drilling? Well to put it simply, diamonds are quite strong and more resistant to the wear and tear that occurs during drilling. A diamond drill can penetrate concrete and natural stones like granite and marble. However, it’s important to remember that while diamonds are relatively hard, they aren’t suitable to dig through every kind of material.

Although diamond drilling uses electricity, there are devices that are hand-held or battery powered so that contractors can use them in remote areas of the world where the electrical supply is limited or non-existent. Diamond drilling equipment can also accommodate a hydraulic power source but whether the drilling machine is hydraulic or pneumatic, the power source can be hooked up to a rig.

Like many machines, a diamond drilling machine can overheat, especially in hot desert-like weather conditions. To prevent this from happening and extend the life of your equipment, you must keep the drill bit lubricated with water.

It’s important to note that while that the cost effectiveness of diamond drilling is limited to the efficiency of the drilling. However, a larger job with a large cylindrical rim target will require bigger diamond core drilling equipment parts which will ultimate cost more.  

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