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The Environmental Responsibilities of Drilling Companies

Oil drilling has many harmful environmental and ecological effects. The process of drilling and taking out oil is very complex and it leaves many openings for accidents or errors. The piping that is used to transport oil is made of metals that can possibly become corroded. The corrosion that happens with these pipes can contaminate the water and lands around it. If the pipes do not corrode, there is still some contamination because of all of the often unlined and open waste pits. Also, accidents, oil spills, and illegal dumping can lead to both environmental and ecological damage that can last for a very long time. Several of these chemicals used in oil drilling and extraction is detrimental to animals and insects. Because of oil contamination, entire ecosystems can be ruined.

Oil drilling also harms marine life. Oil spills are not the only problem when it comes to oil drilling. The sound of the drilling can harm whales. The large sound of the drilling disorientates whales and can cause whales to be stranded out of the water. The seismic waves caused by the drilling hurts all marine life.  

There is also some impact on land because of oil drilling. The pollutants that the oil gives out can affect wild life. The health of animals is effected because of the pollutants from the oil drilling. Many animals give birth around areas where oil drilling takes place. Birth is a very important time in an animal’s life, which can have a huge effect on their future. Because of the pollution, animal populations are likely to decrease.

There is a lot of oil that is being transported every day. The amount of oil that is spilled is very small when we compare it to the amount of oil that is being transported every single day. This opens up much room for accidents. Approximately, three hundred to five hundred oil spills happen every year. This creates a huge effect on the environment. Animals at all levels of the food chain will suffer, and possibly will become extinct.

It is important for drilling companies to be aware of their impact on the environment. They should make an effort to best keep the environment as it is. Drilling companies are doing a lot of practise right now by following technology and safety regulations. Because oil spills are very hard to control as oil spreads on water about half a football field per second, drilling companies should find ways to either quickly control oil spills or to help prevent them from happening. Both marine habitats and land habitats are affected by oil drilling. The best way to stop the pollution from happening in your area is to keep oil tankers and oil drilling away from your waters. This way, there is no slight chance that your habitat will be affected by oil drilling. Where oil drilling is already taking place, we need to make sure that it is as safe as possible, and that we employ the best technology to stop spills when they happen.

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