Sonic Drilling, Sonic the latest in drilling technology

Sonic Drilling is a soil penetration technique that employs a high-frequency sonichead to deliver vibration waves of 150hz down the drillstring to the bitface. This vibration causes liquification of the soil surrounding the casing or drill string, greatly reducing friction and permitting very fast drilling speeds. The sonic method  can provide continuous samples to depths of more than 100m.


  • Geotechnical

With the ability to rapidly drill overburden or river gravels with continuous sampling at near 100% sample recovery, the Sonic Rig is a the ideal high-speed addition  to our current Geotechnical fleet.

  • Environmental

By providing continuous, relatively undisturbed, samples with high speed penetration, the Sonic drill methodology is ideal for use in many environmental investigations. In addition to excellent sample recovery, sonic drilling is also completed without drilling muds, resulting in cleaner samples.
  • Geothermal

Sonic is the fastest drill method for Geothermal installations. By fully casing the borehole, a continuous sample can be gained for an accurate borehole profile and  once attained the casing permits the easy installation of the Geo-loop.

  • Mineral Exploration

The Sonic drill can case and core at high speeds through both solid and unconsolidated materials to depths of over 100 metres, allowing samples of mine tailings and slag pile to easily be obtained.

  • Extraction Wells

By advancing relatively large diameter casing at speeds far superior to traditional rotary methodologies, the Sonic Rig can install extraction wells with unprecedented speed while providing continuous, accurate sampling without any risk of cross-contamination.

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