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Introduction to Geothermal Drilling benefits

Below the surface of the earth is a source of seemingly endless heat which can be turned into energy, and this is where geothermal drilling plays a role. Tapping into this renewable resource can go a long way to helping us deal with the world’s energy crisis.

Geothermal energy is harnessed directly through a well or hot spring. It can be used for things like space heating, but it’s more appropriate for industrial purposes – which is where geothermal drilling contractors come in.

The approach to drilling a geothermal well uses the same principals as the one used to drill for minerals, ore samples, oil and gas. The process has simply been adapted to encompass a larger well diameter in order to extract high temperature energies. Geothermal drilling equipment utilises the same form of basic extraction tools, like a power source to power a drill rig, the drill bit, the drill pipe and the drilling fluids use to lubricate the shaft.

The drill pipe transfers the drilling fluid from the pit to the surface. It also helps the drill bit to rotate, which is important when trying to cut through the Earth’s crust. Choosing the right drill bit is as important as picking the right geothermal well drilling site. The drill fluid that flows through the pipe brings up the cuttings as the drill penetrates the earth. This way the debris doesn’t clog up the drilling equipment and slow down or prevent it from completing the process.

In order for the geothermal drilling process to work, a hole that is 6’’ in diameter is drilled into the Earth’s crust. Unlike other drilling processes, this hole isn’t very large. Then again, it’s not about the diameter, it’s about the depth, which is why it takes so long to do it and requires a large geothermal drill rig to accomplish it.

The back of the rig contains a gear box full of 30 ft. cutting shafts that can be tilted in a perpendicular position to the ground. This allows the hole to remain straight. The cutting head attached to the bottom of the cutting shaft will proceed to drill through the ground for approximately five minutes. During this period, the gear box will rotate the first shaft with a new shaft. Once the second shaft is attached, the drilling continues. The shifting of shafts will be done several times until the desired depth is achieved.

The depth of the geothermal well can be anywhere from 150 feet to 400 feet deep. Any depth beyond that is rare and only used for huge commercial projects. If you’re worried about the cost of creating one of these wells, you should be. Just one well can cost over 6,000 AUD. However, in the long run, the amount you’ll save on energy costs will be fundamental.

Once the well is made, a geothermal pipe would be installed along with a geothermal heat pump and the well would be filled back up with water. The geothermal well would have ducts that will be connected to a home or building. Geothermal drilling is revolutionary and can help warm so many homes and families around the world where electricity is increasingly expensive and limited.

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