Geoprobe 4x4

With its powerful Push-Tubing, Augering with Solid and Hollow flight, Down-Hole Hammer, and Mud-Drilling, Terratest’s new Geoprobe offers a large range of drill methods in a compact yet powerful rig. The Rig has 20 tonne pullout, which is greater than truck rigs many times its size.

The rig can easily switch between methods, and adaptors enable the use of a variety of specialist analytical tools.

The Geoprobe is mounted on an Izuzu 4WD, allowing it to deal with tough offroad conditions.  With a mast height of 4.2m and a small footprint the Geoprobe is perfect for the job.


Length 6200mm
 Width 2150mm
 Weight 5900kg
 Height Travelling 2600mm
 Height Drilling 4500mm
 Short Mast 3000mm
 Diesel Engine 40kw
 Rotary Drive Torque 4067Nm
 Pullout Capacity 20,000kg
 Auger Speed 125rpm
 Drill Stroke 1700mm
 Main Winch 1000kg
 Water Pump Standard
 Footclamps Mechanical
 Headswing Mechanical
 Jacklegs 1
 Safety Cage Standard